five8ths neckties are made using the “seven-fold” method, which is considered the finest technique for handmade neckties. Unlike most ties, which consist of an outer fabric wrapped around a wool or polyester lining, seven-fold ties are constructed entirely of a wide cut of fabric which is folded in on itself with no lining. For this reason seven-fold ties are considered “pure” ties, since they consist of nothing more than a single piece of fine cloth.

five8ths ties are hand-cut and hand-stitched. The hand-sewn slip-stitch on the back of the tie is designed to allow the tie to stretch and twist in the tying process while still maintaining its shape. Click here for more detail on the construction process.

Available in two widths:

Classic: 3¼" wide, 58" long

Trim: 2¼" wide, 58" long


Classic shape:
4" wide/2½” tall bow

adjustable neck size

Pocket Squares

sizes range from 9"-12"