photo credit: Bruno Poco

photo credit: Bruno Poco



Standard sizes

We currently offer men's standard sizes, which are based on the body measurements in the chart below. These standard sizes can be modified according to sleeve-length, hem length, or collar size for a semi-custom fit.

A five8ths shirt is cut to fit “just right”. It is more tailored than the over-sized fit of most mass produced shirts but more classic than the ultra-slim cut of many modern brands.

Please visit the shop or be in touch for help in determining your size.

We do not currently offer women's standard sizing, but instead offer only custom fit for women. This ensures the most flattering fit.

Custom fit

For the perfect fit, we draft custom patterns based on the client's personal measurements. Once created, custom patterns are kept on file and used for future orders.

At five8ths we offer a couture fitting process, which takes several steps to ensure the most flattering, comfortable fit.

  1. We take your individual body measurements
  2. We draft a unique pattern, based on those measurements.
  3. We cut and sew a fitting pattern out of calico
  4. You try on the calico fitting pattern and we pin, adjust, and sculpt the pattern so that it flatters your figure and remains comfortable.
  5. From there, we adjust your unique paper pattern, which we keep on file for any shirts that you order in future
  6. We make the final product out of the fine shirting fabric and design details that you have chosen.

In order to start the custom fitting process, a R1000 deposit is required. This deposit is applied as a credit towards the third shirt or shirt-dress that is ordered in your custom size.

Please contact us for more details or to arrange a fitting.