Fall/Winter 2012

The men's fall/winter line is now available and viewable online.

I have already made a few standard sizes of each design, and have enough fabric to make custom sizes as well. Please be in touch if you'd like to place an order.

If you'd like to see them in person or have measurements taken, you are welcome to make an appointment to visit my studio in Baltimore, or visit my booth at these upcoming fairs in Brooklyn, NY:

Renegade craft fair Holiday Market on November 17-18, 11AM-6PM

Brooklyn Night Bazaar on December 15, 6PM-Midnight

I am also happy to mail swatches of fabric if there's something you want to see in person but aren't able to meet me in Baltimore or Brooklyn.

Keep warm!

Renegade craft fair

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth at Renegade craft fair in Brooklyn this weekend!  It was really valuable and affirming to get feedback from so many different types of people, and it has given me guidance with how to move five8ths forward.  I'm sure five8ths will be back in Brooklyn again soon!

I am delighted to announce that five8ths was chosen for Brooklyn Magazine's feature on the 10 best booths at the fair!

The spring/summer designs that made their debut at the fair are now featured on the five8ths website and available on etsy
Day 1
Booth set-up

Hang tags

My booth partner, Melissa of Nikkuu design

A custom client, trying on a Colored Pencil shirt for size
The view of the East River and Manhattan from our booth

Day 2

It was a short walk from the booth to the river 

Introducing: Colored Pencil Shirt

This fine cotton shirting fabric is composed of horizontal stripes in a kaleidoscope of colors up-close, but only a few feet away, the tawny base color dominates and creates a neutral tone, broken up by a horizontal, textured, faintly-green stripe.  High thread-count, 100% cotton shirting.  Available at Brooklyn Renegade craft fair in sizes 38, 40, 42, 44, and 46, in addition to custom-sized orders.


Holiday Heap 2011

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table at Holiday Heap this weekend!

All along as I've established five8ths, I've emphasized that I want my clothing to be thoughtfully designed and well-made, from high quality materials. My inspiration is a simple lifestyle, in which one chooses clothes carefully and wears perhaps fewer, higher quality, unique-but-timeless clothes.

After weeks of preparing for the craft fair, alone in my studio, and years of envisioning the five8ths clothing line and business, the most rewarding part of Holiday Heap was interacting with and receiving feedback from shoppers and vendors. The clothing spoke for itself--it elicited the kind of remarks I had hoped for, and some responses even fueled new ideas.

Now that I am headed back into studio-mode, I am riding the flow of momentum from the craft fair, steering a course based on the feedback from the diverse group of people who attended Holiday Heap.  I will be fulfilling orders from the fair over the next few weeks, and updating my etsy store with the remaining available Shackets and Keyboard shirts.  I will also be building stock and developing new designs.

Please leave a comment if you have any—as you can see I appreciate it!

Holiday Heap

In just under a week, I will be showing my designs at the Holiday Heap craft fair in Baltimore.  I've always been impressed with the handiwork at this event, so I'm really flattered to have been included.  Check out the Charm City Craft Mafia blog for more info on the vendors, including an interview from me!

This is the first time I have been involved in a craft fair, and it is the first time that I have sewn my designs in batches, rather than one-at-a-time.  The resulting twelve-plus hour sewing days have allowed me to perfect my techniques just a little more and to get to know the fabric and designs a bit better.  I have enjoyed experiencing the feeling of my hands moving automatically, without requiring that extra moment to decide if I'm putting something together correctly while preparing the fabric for cutting and the seams for sewing and pressing.

I will have a few men's shirt designs available in standard sizes, ranging from 36"-44" chest.  In case I sell out of a particular size, I also made each size out of muslin, so that people can try these on to gauge their size for standard or custom orders.  I am hoping that I will leave the Holiday Heap with a better understanding of how my standard sizes fit across a wide range of bodies.

No matter how it goes, I know I will learn a lot.  I've already benefited through the preparation process--it has made my goals seem more tangible, and turned my vision into a practice.

If your are in Baltimore I would love to see you there!

December 3rd, 2011 - 10am to 5pm
2640 St Paul Street
Baltimore MD 21218
(inside St John's Church)