City Shacket

The City Shacket is the original denim Shacket's (shirt-jacket) cousin from the city. It's perfect for in-between weather as a jacket over another shirt, or as a heavy shirt to take off the chill on colder days.

Of all of my designs, this is my favorite. It's like solving a puzzle during construction, because of the challenge of getting the yoke/pocket flap layers together in the right order. My favorite part of the design process is figuring out how the pieces will fit together, and this one was a fun challenge. 

This season's City Shacket is a bit more sophisticated than the first one--it is made with a navy Italian brushed cotton with gray pinstripes, and is faced with gray medium weight Italian cotton twill. Cut short to be worn un-tucked (or tucked in, if desired), and with a little roominess in the body.

Size 46 is ready to ship, and I have enough fabric to make 10 2 one more.