five8ths on Loop de Luxe

I am thrilled to announce that five8ths is the first menswear designer to be featured in the online boutique, Loop de Luxe! Right now you will find five8ths pocket squares and the latest seven-fold necktie--it is made of the same Italian linen as the dotted navy pocket square. Shirts should soon be up, including the soon-to-be-unveiled short-sleeved designs for spring. Right now you can save 20% with code LOVELDL.

I have admired a few of the other designers on Loop de Luxe for some time, especially fellow-cyclist and womenswear designer Jill Aiko Yee and jewelry designer Laura Lombardi, so am happy to be in great company.

And for those who haven't seen the five8ths website in a while, it has been updated over the past couple months with (hopefully) more clear information and a slightly sleeker design. Let me know if you find any glitches. Thanks!