The beauty of handmade clothing is that it is made one piece at a time.  One of the keys to creating clothing that will be well-loved is to ensure that it fits well.  five8ths clothing is made to order, and made to fit.  Making a shirt with a particular person in mind is so much more gratifying than working on standard sizes (for unknown people), because I know from experience how wonderful it's going to feel when that person puts on something that fits well.  When clothing hits just right in all the right places---it's that feeling of resonance like the perfect blending of two sounds...harmony.  And then that harmony might inspire a spring in the step or affect the way we move, and on and on.

A recent customer ordered a semi-custom Shacket, made-to-size for her friend who is thin and 6'3”. His chest/neck sizes corresponded well to a standard size, but he needed 37” sleeves and a longer waist-length to accommodate his height.

I cut the standard-sized pattern at the natural waist and added 2" there to accommodate his height

I added enough extra length to the sleeve pattern to create 37" sleeves

The finished semi-custom Shacket